Jun 14th, 2019 Article


It’s often said that for brilliant break through musical artists that the second album is the difficult one.  So too has been the second week of our six-week GOLF.WOD designed plan fitness plan as the initial giddy optimism of the first week gives way to the brutal reality living a more virtuous existence and the need for hard work and sacrifice.

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Jun 7th, 2019 Article


The maxim that you can’t teach old dogs’ new tricks has firmly been dispatched this week as the “Lab Rats” as we have affectionately been called have truly turned over a new leaf, at least for the next 6/7 weeks are concerned.

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May 31st, 2019 Article


I think it safe to say that the GolfPunk team are not exactly regulars at their local gym. When it comes to preparing for a round of golf its usually a bacon sarnie, washed down with a few cups of coffee, a couple of swishes with an 8 iron behind the first tee and away we go.

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May 9th, 2019 Article


Welcome back to part two of our Friday Fitness feature as the GolfPunk team get back to working on improving their waistline and their game!  This time we are going for the current GP Team's favourite exercise and one that has ramped up the competitive tension at GolfPunk Towers.

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May 2nd, 2019 Article

GolfPunk's Fitness Friday

Welcome to GolfPunk’s latest regular feature - Fitness Friday - where we detail the exercises the team are doing in an effort to get both golf fit and ready for the looming summer golf tour where, god forbid, shorts maybe the order of the day!

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Mar 27th, 2019 Article

Don't be a golf plank!

Olympic record-holder (shooting an incredible 61 in Brazil 2016) Maria Verchenova brings us the latest in her award-winning series of fitness videos for GolfPunk. It's time to stop being a plank and get your core, arms and everything maximised to the extreme!

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Mar 27th, 2019 Article

How to play long downhill bunker shots

It's all about the shoulders apparently. How to play those tricky downhill long bunker shots with our very own Maria...

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Mar 27th, 2019 Article

Maria Verchenova: How to master water hazard psychology

It'll be Champagne Verchenova every time you come face to face with a shot to the green over water, once you've  had a look at Maria's great tip at the majestic PGA Catalunya...  

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