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Ok, Got it!

Oct 15th, 2020

Bump and Run from Paige Spiranac

Latest from ‘Quickies with Paige’ series

We always keep an eye on what Paige Spiranac is up to and in particular her instruction series ‘Quickies with Paige’. As Paige says, the bump and run shot is not as exciting as a 'bomb' off the tee or a flop shot but it is one of the most useful shots in golf.

The technique is fairly easy to pick up but here are the key points from Paige's video.
Step 1 – Select your club which can be any club you like but typically one uses a pitching wedge or a 7, 8 or 9 iron.
Step 2 – A must is that you choke down on the club for better control.
Step 3 – The clubface should be square to the target.
Step 4 – Take a nice narrow stance with a ball position in the centre or slightly back of middle but never off the front foot.
Step 5 – Optionally you can open your stance or keep it square it depends which you feel most comfortable with.
Step 6 – Next set your weight forward, roughly 70% of the weight being on the front foot. Never have your weight on the back foot for a bump and run shot.
Step 7 – Have little or no wrist cock on your backswing with everything staying connected as you turn back.
Step 8 – Unlike a flop shot or bunker shot do not throw your hands through the shot. You need to feel your glove hand is leading through the impact.
Step 9 – The follow through and backswing should be identical and on completion of the shot, the club should be pointing at the target.
Paige cooly demonstrates the shot and has a couple of other tips which are to stay relaxed throughout the shot and do not look up too quickly after impact.
Simples! Now go practice.

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