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About GolfPunk:

GolfPunk is the ultimate golf lifestyle website.  It’s a celebration of the greatest game on earth. GolfPunk will feature news, player interviews, equipment, travel, fashion, instruction, golf babes, golf cartoons – everything you need to help you enjoy the thing we love most – golf.

What is a GolfPunk?  Well, put simply, the GolfPunk is the player who stands out from the crowd.

Bobby Jones is a GolfPunk simply by virtue of the fact that he changed the game forever and gave us Augusta.

Lefty Stackhouse, on the other hand, is a GolfPunk because he added so much colour to the game with his erratic antics, once knocking himself out with a self- inflicted punch to the jaw after missing a short putt.

Many of our favourites are archetypal winners like Sam Snead and Lee Trevino – players who matched their considerable natural talents with ruthless ambition. Others, like Mo Norman and John Daly, have spent their lives sampling triumph and despair, and we love them all the more for it. And where would the game be without unsung nut cases like serial club abusers Ky Lafoon and Lefty Stackhouse?

A funny bunch, but what unites every single one of these people is an undying love for the game, and while there are people out on the course who keep breaking records, busting clubs, walking on water and wading through burns we will salute these GolfPunks one and all. Enjoy...

GolfPunk was founded by Tim Southwell and John Dean when they realized they weren’t reading about golf anymore because the content was simply too boring.  So they made something great for all of you and we hope you enjoy it.

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