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Ok, Got it!

May 24th, 2019


Not what junior golfers are wearing!

GolfPunk’s strap line and overall mission is that it is the “The golf site for the rest of us...” and as you know we have long been advocates to increase participation in our beautiful game, lest it becomes stuffy, stale and the preserve of the privileged few.

Those that have followed us for a while will know that we have been on a mission to save the easy entry points for players such as Pitch and Putt's as well as getting behind all efforts to make the game more inclusive such as 1Putt and ensuring it remains approachable by enforcing the new rules; even if overall there is much to be admired and some things are such as etiquette are worth maintaining and investing in.

We therefore looked on with interest in the twitterstorm that kicked off as a result of Thomas Devine, the director of Oulton Hall's Future Elite golf programme, posting a picture of some young students practicing in hoodies and tracksuit bottoms which resulted in nearly 400,000 views and lots of comments, not all of them favourable.

From our perspective there is much to be admired in this approach and GolfPunk are 100% behind scrapping restrictive dress codes for our younger players at this age.  Not only did the young men in the picture look more than presentable to us, the key is to teach them about the game, the etiquette and to let them enjoy it. 

Not to mention that at this age, Devine suggests that the young chaps in the picture were between 6 and 8, there is a significant saving for parents in not spending £££’s buying lots of specialist golf clobber, alongside the clubs and fees, particularly when they are unlikely to get full use out of it.

GolfPunk think the traditionalists should wake up a little bit. 

According to Statista by 2020 over 84% of golf players in Europe will be over 40 years old which is a worrying issue that those in charge should be focussing on.  In our opinion therefore, efforts to make golf more accessible and inclusive should be applauded not shouted down.

For example, Tandridge GC's introduction of a heavily discounted academy membership fee targeting specifically ladies and girl members is something that, alongside Devine should be applauded rather than worrying what the youngsters, new and developing in this frustrating, annoying and amazing sport are wearing on their bodies, legs and feet.

So GolfPunk are behind you Mr Devine!  Let them wear trainers, hoodies and “trackies” so long as they learn the rules, appreciate the etiquette and hit the ball straight and true.  Welcome young’uns you're welcome with the rest of us!!!!

And another thing....


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