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Ok, Got it!


Aug 11th, 2016 Article

Hit Longer Drives!!!

Everyone wants to hit the ball further. EVERYONE. But swinging harder isn't the solution. Swinging clever is. Listen to Jeff Ritter and get hitting the driver on the upswing for longer drives. 

Aug 4th, 2016 Article

How A Pint Will Improve Your Golf!!!

A cold pint. Normally a golfers wet dream after eighteen holes. But according to our new no nonsense Aussie golf coach, Sandy Jamieson, it's also one of the answers to playing better golf. We thought he was joking, but it makes perfect sense. Grip it and sip it.

Jul 7th, 2016 Article

Escape to Victory

Keep calm, and don't panic, and you will be able to hit this seemingly impossible shot around the green. The Sultan of Swing Jeff Ritter shows you how.

Jun 23rd, 2016 Article

Stop the Chipping Yips

Don't let the chipping yips get you down, Jeff Ritter has the answer to your prayers. 

Jun 10th, 2016 Article

Splash it like Seve!

Play with the spirit of Seve and get yourself out of the sand every time. Jeff RItter will make your bunker shots seem super easy after watching this tip.

Jun 5th, 2016 Article

Perfect Bunker Shots

Top 100 coach (and GolfPunk's very own Sultan Of Swing) Jeff Ritter shows how to hit perfect bunker shots every time...

Jun 3rd, 2016 Article

DeLaet withdraws from Memorial

We've all been there: Stood over a 20 yard chip or a 60 yard pitch and you're terrified. It just all feels.. weird somehow... Imagine what it's like if you're a tour pro and you rely on making chips & pitches for a living?

May 29th, 2016 Article

Hit More Greens

How without changing your swing at all, you can start hitting more greens and shoot lower scores. 

May 22nd, 2016 Article

One Hand On The Club

Who needs two hands to get out of the sand? One is plenty enough, and it will get you splashing out of the sand correctly every time.

May 16th, 2016 Article

Better Bunker Shots

The Sultan of Swing Jeff Ritter is here to show you how to simplify your bunker swing and get you safely out every time. All you need to do is "fold and throw."