Jul 27th, 2017

Help The Gravy #12

Movers & Shockers at The Open

Help The Gravy!


Aka what floated our boats and bunched our undies at the GP Clubhouse and beyond...


Genting Casino for partnering up with us for the GP Clubhouse

Help The Gravy #12Helping The Wow-What-A-Venue! Gravy!!


Bliss Hotels for doing the same

Help The Gravy #12Helping The Wow-What-A-Venue! Gravy!!


Paul McGinley for being a star and opening the Clubhouse

Help The Gravy #12

Helping The Ryder-Cup-Legend-Original-GolfPunk Gravy


This brilliant giant roulette golf wheel that Paul McGinley just threaded a wedge through the 0!!!!

Help The Gravy #12Helping The Blimey-That-Is-A-Corker Gravy!!


Jon and Gary at GolfZon for lending us and setting up our simulator at the GP Clubhouse

Help The Gravy #12

Helping The Loads-Of-Prizes-Up-4-Grabs-Nearest-The-Pin-Against-Rachael-The-Golf-Nurse Gravy!!


Wayne the security dude for being chipper no matter what

Helping The Keep-The-Buzz-Up Gravy!!!

Dj Gaz for doing the same 

Help The Gravy #12Helping The R&B-Gravy!

Glenmorangie for giving us tix + free drinks 

Help The Gravy #12Helping The Good-Times-At-The-Open-Sipping-Golden-Giraffes Gravy!!


Beef’s manager Shaun for giving us tix for last day so the young GolfPunk Izwiez could all have a brilliant day at the Open

Help The Gravy #12Helping-The Sorting-The-Lads-They-Deserve-It Gravy!!


The Izwiez Alfie, Boycey, Joe, Steve, Jexy, Nick and Jordan for staunching it up all week at the GP ClubhouseHelp The Gravy #12Helping The GP-Clubhouse-Debut-Smashed-It-Out-Of-The-Park Gravy!


The Golf Spiv Nick Kevern for keeping us on the betting straight and narrow

Help The Gravy #12

Helping The Jordan-Spieth-Who’d-Have-Thunk-It?! Gravy!!


The Lakeside Inn, officially the smallest pub in Britain for being a Clubhouse bolt hole

Help The Gravy #12

Helping The Short-Burst-Power-Cry-&-Quickly-Regroup Gravy!


Rachael for being the GolfPunk GolfNurse

Help The Gravy #12

Helping The No-One-Wins-A-Prize-On-The-Simulator-Unless-It’s-A-Worldy-Shot Gravy!!

The Bunker Babes Mark 2017

Help The Gravy #12Helping The Taking Southport By Storm Gravy!!


Arnold from Rolley Golf for supplying these units!!

Help The Gravy #12Helping The Rolly-Dolley-Bunker-Babe-Squadron-Cruise-The-Open-In-Style Gravy!!

Bunch Of Arse


The R&A for their no re-admission policy which meant everyone was trapped inside the course all day with a pitiful 4 food options which were not cheap

Help The Gravy #12Bunch Of Local-Business-Destroying Arse!


Whoever stole our speaker off the GolfPunk bus, our sunglasses and strangely one pair of used underpants

Help The Gravy #12Bunch Of Golf-Thievery Arse!



Yesterday's Golf News Today: Geri Halliwell's bid to save the Ladies European Tour

Help The Gravy #12

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