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Ok, Got it!

Apr 2nd, 2020

Golf Joke of the week

With Derek the Donkey

Derek The Donkey, GolfPunk's grumpy horse-envier is back from isolation to delivers his 'Joke of the Week'. As you know he likes nothing better than a proper good laugh as long as it's at someone else's expense...

Joke of the Week

Four golfers who like to gamble wind up in the same fourball. The pot builds throughout the day until they reach the 18th green, where Charlie has a chance to putt for the dough. If he makes his 10-foot putt, he wins £200.

Charlie lines up his putt, but just as he's about to take his stance, a funeral procession begins passing by on the road that runs alongside the 18th hole.

Charlie steps away from his ball, sets down his putter, takes off his hat and places it over his heart, and waits for the funeral procession to completely pass. One all the cars in the funeral procession have passed, Charlie picks up his putter and begins lining up the putt again.

"Wow," one of his opponents says. "That was the most touching thing I have ever seen. You've got a makeable putt for £200, yet you stopped and paid your respects. You really are something."

"Well," Charlie says, "we were married for 25 years."

Derek’s verdict: Like it but are we allowed jokes about the wife anymore? 


And another thing...

Lefty v Tiger rematch?


TAGS: Golf Bedlam, 2020