Oct 2nd, 2017

Golf World – #Helpthegravy & #bunchofarse

What's floated our golf boat and upset us this week...

Help The Gravy & Bunch Of Arse

The stuff that's floated our boats and upset us this week...

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Help The Gravy: Lee Westwood & The British Masters


Helping The 'What-A-Great-Tournament-Brilliant-Sky-Coverage-And-Close-House-Great-Golf-Course-There-Should-Be-A-European-Tour-Event-Every-Year-Here' Gravy!



Bunch Of Arse: Mobile phones at golf events causing Poults to 'drop the f-bomb'...

Golf World – #Helpthegravy & #bunchofarse

Bunch Of You-Had-One-Job-To-Do-Just-Make-Sure-It's-On-Silent Arse!!



Help The Gravy: The GMS dudes for sorting GP out with some marvelous hospitality at the British Masters


Helping The How-Did-You-Know-We'd-Actually-Be-Quite-Good-At-Nicing-Ourselves-Up-With-Fancy-Wine-And-Free-Grub-Watching-The-Golf-All-Day Gravy!


Bunch Of Arse: The Presidents Cup

Golf World – #Helpthegravy & #bunchofarse

Bunch Of Seriously,... What's-The-Point? Arse


Help The Gravy: Paul Dunne's brilliant finale

Golf World – #Helpthegravy & #bunchofarse

Helping The 'Stick-That-In-Yer-Pipe-And-Smoke-It-Mr-McIlroy! Gravy!



Bunch Of Arse: Those little plastic sticky things that keep bread fresh

Golf World – #Helpthegravy & #bunchofarseBunch Of You-Need-A-Degree-In-Astro-Physics-To-Get-The-Bugger-Untied-And-You-End-Up-Just-Tearing-The-Unit-So-You-Can-get-On-With-Breakfast-And-Get-Your-Blooody-Day-Started Arse!!



Help The Gravy: Peep Show for saving our evening by being the only box set at the Airbnb we stayed at in Newcastle


Helping The Still-Bloody-Funny-It-makes-Your-Stomach-Hurt Gravy!!



Bunch Of Arse: Builders' arses on next door's extension when you look out of the window just after you've brushed tour teeth...

Golf World – #Helpthegravy & #bunchofarse

Bunch Of Quite-Literally-A-Vast-Bunch-Of-Arse Arse!!



Help The Gravy: Mountain Paradise in Slovakia for inviting GP to come out at the end of the week for some mountain paradise golf action!

Golf World – #Helpthegravy & #bunchofarse

Helping The Smoke-One-Down-The-Middle-At-Altitude Gravy!!



Bunch Of Arse: The chaos at Women's New Zealand Open when massive gusts of wind reared upGolf World – #Helpthegravy & #bunchofarse

Bunch Of That's-All-You-Need-When-You're-Faced-With-A-Tricky-Left-To-Right-Downhiller Arse!! 



Help The Gravy: Tori Slater for being a Siren of the swingiest variety...

Golf World – #Helpthegravy & #bunchofarse

Helping The Inspiring-Boyfriend-Daniel-Berger-To-Holing-The-Winning-Presidents-Cup-Putt Gravy!



Bunch Of Arse: Tiger admitting he might not play again


Bunch Of Say-It-Ain't-So-Tiger...Say-It-Ain't-So!!! Arse!


Help The Gravy: Oulton Hall in Leeds for putting us up in style ahead of the British Masters

Golf World – #Helpthegravy & #bunchofarse

Helping The Lovely-Stuff-Just-A-Pity-Leeds-Weren't-Playing-At-Home Gravy!! 


Bunch Of Arse: Monarch going into administration

Golf World – #Helpthegravy & #bunchofarse

Bunch Of Hope-They-Find-A-Solution-Quickly-And-Get-Everyone-Stranded-Repatriated Arse 


Yesterday's Golf News Today: How Geri Halliwell saved the Ladies European Tour...

Golf World – #Helpthegravy & #bunchofarse

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