Aug 6th, 2016

Top 10 Golf-In-The-Movies Moments

From Starsky & Hutch to Falling Down

10. Starsky & Hutch aka Cops & Lobbers

As we join the action, Starsky (Ben Stiller) and Hutch (Owen Wilson) are trying to persuade their informer Huggy Bear (Snoop Dogg with an extraordinary Afro) to infiltrate a drugs deal going down on the golf course. Trouble is, Huggy’s not keen.


9. The Simpsons

Short but sweet, the sheer simplicity of this clip will resonate with every golfer who has crushed a drive and in the middle of celebrating when, well, you D'oh...


8. Armageddon

Bruce Willis bombards Green Peace with Srixons.


7. Sideways

The wine obsessed berks have a round of golf and end up in a rather familiar golf fight


6. Drugstore Cowboy

Matt Dillon's obsession with golf is only eclipsed by his obsession with drugs. When the cops bust down his door and find his golf clubs... what will happen?


5. Falling Down

William Forster 'D-fense' (played by Michael Douglas), an unemployed divorcee former defence engineer has had his fill of life and decides to go on a one-man rampage across Los Angeles. Then golf gets in the way...


4. The Sopranos

When some local businessmen have a round of golf with Mob boss Tony Soprano, they get a stark reminder that you shouldn't really ask a mob boss about anything vaguely business like...


 3. Goldfinger

Shall we make it a shilling a hole? Bond meets Goldfinger who's observation that golf is not popular in Korea could not be less correct these days.  Still classic stuff with witty repartie and all square with 2 holes to go!

2. Jackass The Movie

The lads cause chaos at the local golf course with an air horn. Yes, it's that simple and you wouldn't want it to happen to you but very amusing...


1. Hall Pass

When Owen Wilson and his buddies get a hall pass for the weekend, they go and play some golf. When Stephen Merchant (The Office, Extras etc) arrives with some premium quality marijuana, things take a turn for the hilarious...




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Top 10 Golf-In-The-Movies Moments


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  • User avatar" alt="steveocuse" />

    Good list. 'Drugstore Cowboy' was my favorite. Must see if you're a Hogan 'junkie' like me.

    August 10 at 03:39am