Jun 2nd, 2017

Martin Kaymer comes out to defend Tiger

Over "disrespectful" and "unfair comments"

Martin Kaymer comes out to defend Tiger Martin Kaymer has come out to back Tiger Woods and claimed that comments about his recent arrest has been "disrespectful and unfair".

Kaymer posted a video of himself on Twitter on Thursday evening in which he said: “A lot of people know what happened to TIger Woods the last few days, few weeks and there are so many comments, so many opinions, they’re so unfair and very disrespectful in my opinion.

“Everybody who’s involved in golf was changed by his legacy, by his play, by so many things that he has done. He brought cultures together, he made races, Afro Americans, feel more comfortable to play golf. He inspired kids, teenagers, he inspired kind of like all of us.

“I find it so nasty that people kick him while he’s already on the floor and at the end of the day it’s just using someone else for your own sadness. 

“Yes, he’s in the public eye, he’s in the spotlight a lot, so of course people will talk about him, but why being so nasty? Why don’t you try to do the opposite and help him now, the way he inspired us?

“That’s why we are where we are now, that’s why we can have what we have. He has a huge impact and my wish would be just stop being so nasty, try to help and we all want to see him be happier and hopefully one day to see him play golf again.”


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Martin Kaymer comes out to defend Tiger


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