Jun 17th, 2017

Dustin kicks Jordan's ball

But no repeat of last year's dramas

Dustin kicks Jordan's ballPicture of Dustin totally un–related to the incident but really rather cool

Dustin Johnson accidentally kicked the ball of his player partner Jordan Spieth, whose drive had come to rest in the rough on the 7th hole. But there was not to be a repeat of last year's dramas.

Spieth consulted with a rules official, and under Rule 20–3C was allowed a free drop near where his ball had originally come to rest. Neither player was assessed a penalty, according to Rule 18–4.

Spieth birdied the hole and made the weekend, but Johnson missed the 1–over cut. He's got Paulina to get back to, and a 5-day old boy. Bless.


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Dustin kicks Jordan's ball


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Comments (1)

  • Anonymous

    Why was the ball dropped? Surely it should have been placed back in the original spot, rule 18-4

    June 19 at 14:50pm