Jul 30th, 2017

Walk Up music comes to the Web.com Tour

And there's a nice little twist as well

Walk Up music comes to the Web.com Tour There’s some innovative thinking coming out of the Web.com Tour’s Digital Ally Open. It’s Walk Up music.

If this is a concept that you are unfamiliar with, Walk Up music is already well established in Major League Baseball, and when a new player comes into bat he is accompanied with a blast of his chosen tune.

But this is a first for golf, and they’ve got nice little twist to it as well. Music will be played on the Par 3 seventeenth hole, but it will only be the player who knocks his ball closest to the hole who gets his nominated tune played.

It all started with a tweet sent on Wednesday morning by former PGA Tour regular Scott Langley:


And this is what he came up with:


The work of Dwayne Johnson (aka The Rock) is not very familiar to us at GP Towers, but a little digging uncovered this:


And here's Shania Twain:


It's clearly a song for a golfer who is confident about his own sexuality.

This is a rich seam of creative territory. We will start the ball rolling with a bit of Old Skool , and Bing Crosby's  'Straight down the middle.'



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Walk Up music comes to the Web.com Tour

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