Aug 22nd, 2017

Keith Pelley issues open letter

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Keith Pelley issues open letter

In a bold and frank move, Keith Pelley has issued an open letter to all fans of the European Tour about the state of the European Tour's website. Take it away Keith.....

To all fans of the European Tour,

You will notice this evening that we have reverted back to the old style and design of our website and app. 

I have been disappointed with the functionality of our new platforms since they were relaunched and I completely understand the frustration many of you have shared with us.

I was hopeful the technical issues we faced were behind us, but having monitored our website and app closely they are clearly not, which is why we have taken action.

You, the fans, are vitally important to the European Tour and our players. I want to make your experience – whether in person at our tournaments or on-line – the best it can possibly be.

We have listened to your feedback and we appreciate all of you who took the time to contact us. We took that very much into consideration when taking this step.

You should know we will continue to work behind the scenes, reviewing the future direction of our website and app, but nothing will be done until we are 100% confident, both from a technical and a design perspective.

I apologise for the disruption this has caused to your enjoyment of the European Tour through our digital platforms and rest assured we will do things differently in the next phase of our development. 

Thank you for your patience and continued support.



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Keith Pelley issues open letter

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