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Ok, Got it!

Oct 12th, 2016

Trump's Scottish courses lose £9,000,000.00

Turnberry & Menie in the financial rough

Not content with haemorrhagging votes in the Presidential election with his claims that it's "OK to grope women when you're rich" , Donald Trump has also seen massive losses during his Scottish golf course crusade.

New figures have revealed a loss of £9,000,00.00 at Turnberry and the Menie Estate. This, following calls from a US pressure group for a probe into allegations of 'accounting discrepancies' at his resorts. It's also been revealed that Trump's golf courses did not pay any corporation tax in the UK because of their financial woes. 

 Trump's Scottish courses lose £9,000,000.00"Keep your hands where we can see them please Trumpy..." Donald being rich with some women in 2000

Trump International Golf Links, north of Aberdeen, was opened in 2012 after a battle with campaigners over the protected sand dunes, with Trump declaring he was going to create 'the greatest golf course in the world' and spend up to £1billion on the development, creating 800 jobs in the process.


That video!!!


Trump International has made losses for a fourth year in a row, £1,000,000.00, a similar amount in 2014,  £1.8million in 2013 and £1.7million in 2012.

As for the 800 jobs created? Try 95, who were collectively collectively remunerated a total of £1.9million, an average of £20,000.oo per person per year. 

 Trump's Scottish courses lose £9,000,000.00"Guys, can't we just hug this out?" Trumper asks creditors for calm....

The Menie estate, which lies on the east coast of Scotland in an area of great natural beauty overlooking the North Sea, was purchased by Trump in 2006 for £7million. Despite the fact that the estate had been designated a site of special scientific interest because of its shifting sand dunes, the bulldozers eventually moved in anyway.

 Trump's Scottish courses lose £9,000,000.00David Milne stands beside his home at Hermit point on the Menie Estate, which he refused to sell to the Trump organisation in 2009. He now flies a Mexican flag which flaps over the course

The course opening was delayed until 2012 after vociferous protests from the residents of local village Balmedie, amid allegations that Trump had conspired to interfere with power supplies at the village in an attempt to 'convince' the villagers to 'co-operate'. 

There were also massive protests about Trump's plans to develop Turnberry after he purchased the property for £39.5million in 2014. Accounts show that Turnberry had a turnover of £11.4million but made a loss of £8.4million for 2015. 

 Trump's Scottish courses lose £9,000,000.00A mural on his barn shoes Michael Forbes who also refused to sell his land to Trump for the Menie Estate

Trump, 70 employed 337 people at Turnberry during the year who were paid a total of £6million in wages. Despite the losses, Trump remains publicly up beat over his investments in Scotland. 

Trump's son Eric said: "Overall revenues in 2015 have increased 7.4 per cent compared to 2014, in spite of the economic downturn experienced in the North East of Scotland due to the collapse of the oil prices with over 100,000 redundancies in the oil and gas industry affecting every sector in the region. Looking forward, services will continue to expand and develop, with further capital investment planned."

If elected, expect Trump to relocate the White House brick by brick to the first fairway at St Andrews...

 Trump's Scottish courses lose £9,000,000.00"See ya, losers..."



PGA Tour pros voting for Trump

 Trump's Scottish courses lose £9,000,000.00

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