Mar 27th, 2019 Article

How to play long downhill bunker shots

It's all about the shoulders apparently. How to play those tricky downhill long bunker shots with our very own Maria...

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Mar 27th, 2019 Article

Maria Verchenova: How to master water hazard psychology

It'll be Champagne Verchenova every time you come face to face with a shot to the green over water, once you've  had a look at Maria's great tip at the majestic PGA Catalunya...  

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Feb 7th, 2019 Article

How the modern golf swing is destroying our backs

Is it any coincidence that Tiger Woods – now that he's not launching himself at the ball like an angry octopus – is staying healthy on the golf course? A new study suggests this is the case...

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Jan 25th, 2019 Article

Buttons Up - how to make the turn with your golf swing

Get your golf game ready for 2019 with Jeff Ritter. Here is a great tip to make sure you're making a good turn with your golf swing. It's all about buttons and chest 'up' at the end of your back swing...

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Nov 28th, 2018 Article

Say hello to your new golf coach, Tiger Woods!

Say hello to your new, personal golf coach, 14-time major winner, Tiger Woods. Tiger will begin producing weekly golf instructional videos in 2019 as part of a new partnership with Discovery's GOLFTV.

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