Mar 27th, 2019 Article

Maria Verchenova: How to master water hazard psychology

It'll be Champagne Verchenova every time you come face to face with a shot to the green over water, once you've  had a look at Maria's great tip at the majestic PGA Catalunya...  

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Feb 7th, 2019 Article

How the modern golf swing is destroying our backs

Is it any coincidence that Tiger Woods – now that he's not launching himself at the ball like an angry octopus – is staying healthy on the golf course? A new study suggests this is the case...

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Jan 25th, 2019 Article

Buttons Up - how to make the turn with your golf swing

Get your golf game ready for 2019 with Jeff Ritter. Here is a great tip to make sure you're making a good turn with your golf swing. It's all about buttons and chest 'up' at the end of your back swing...

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Nov 28th, 2018 Article

Say hello to your new golf coach, Tiger Woods!

Say hello to your new, personal golf coach, 14-time major winner, Tiger Woods. Tiger will begin producing weekly golf instructional videos in 2019 as part of a new partnership with Discovery's GOLFTV.

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Nov 7th, 2018 Article

Win Your Fourball This Winter With These 6 Essential Tips!

Golf depends on the weather. The winter months bring on the “Shall I, shan’t I” feeling. It’s rarely too hot to play a round but in the winter months, the wind, rain and snow can put us off playing. The expression “fair weather golfer” has become a little derisory; c’mon, a bit of wind and rain won’t hurt you! But, ice and snow… hmmm.

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