Oct 21st, 2015

It's #BackToTheFutureDay!

Can this golf cart get to 88 miles per hour?


It's #BackToTheFutureDay. The day Marty McFly travelled to in one of the greatest film sequels of all time, Back To The Future 2. We haven't got hover boards. There's no self-lacing Nike Mags yet (although by the end of the day we might), and we can't time travel as yet. But we can have a Delorean golf cart.

It's #BackToTheFutureDay!The course also needs to go back to the future...

While it doesn't reach 88MPH, it does light up like the orginal, has a flux capacitor (well a cooler) and it will speak phrases from the film when the centre console is pressed. 

It's #BackToTheFutureDay!Now how many majors did that Sports Almanac say Tiger Woods had won?

Built by Lucas Evanochko and David Heykants n Alberta, Canada, the DeLorean was produced for Red Deer College's 30th Annual Golf Classic as part of a fundraising event.


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