Sep 1st, 2016

Drone downed by 8 year old!

Take that technology

Drone downed by 8 year old!Ruby Kavanagh is Australia's best 8 year old golfer. She's played in the US Kids Golf World Championships where she placed 32nd out of 92 players. And now she can be forever known as the destroyer of drones.

Drone downed by 8 year old!

Practicing at the Magenta Shores Golf course in New South Wales, Ruby Sent a tee ball soaring into a drone being operated by her uncle, Alex Kavanagh.

Now we're not entirely convinced this isn't a set up. Kavanagh does run a website called Dronegear.TV, although Ruby does sound so upset and sincere with her apology.


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Drone downed by 8 year old!

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