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Ok, Got it!

Sep 8th, 2015

Bunch Of Arse & Help The Gravy

What's Been Floating and Sinking Our Boats this Week

The every day stuff that's been floating and sinking our boats this week...


Help The Gravy

People/stuff that's helped our Gravy this week


1) Gin: Helping-the-surprisingly-corking-lunchtime-beverage Gravy!!


2) TaylorMade for taking us to America: Helping-the-young-intern-fella-Joe’s-making-his-first-business-trip Gravy!!


3) 25 new women members at Gorgeous George’s hometown club Bingley St. Ives, England: Helping-the-we-need-more-women-playing-our-game Gravy!!

Women, They're great, aren't they?


4) Legendary Gary Player for retweeting GolfPunk and giving us Pitch and Putt support: Helping-The-short-course-revolution Gravy!!


5) Native American Casino Resorts: Helping-The-TaylorMade-product-launch-trip Gravy!!


6) Shorts: They're just brilliant: Helping the Not-really-that-keen-on-wearing-trousers-every-day-actually Gravy!!


Bunch Of Arse

Stuff/people who've upset us this week...


1) Falling down the stairs: Bunch Of too-excited-for-TaylorMade-product-launch-trip-tomorrow Arse!


2) September 1st for creating an overnight loss of 10 yards on every tee shot: Bunch Of soggy-fairwayed Arse!

Damn those GolfPunks for making me come out here just to do a picture for their stupid Bunch Of Arse column #BunchOfArse


3) The 'Sky Cart'! It is not a cart, its a big screen that you press to see things we have already seen: Bunch Of Over-analysis-at-its-worst Arse!!

No, Dustin I said come on the cart, not come on and fart


4) Moody teenagers: Bunch of Is-there-anything-they-don’t-already-know-it-must-be-great-to-always-be-right Arse!


5) Smokey car bonnets: Bunch Of Only-just-got-the-bugger-MOT'd Arse!!

6) Finding new flatmates: Bunch of Everyone-looks-a-bit-weird-these-days Arse!

The Young Ones: Exemplary flat mates



Nominate your Bunch Of Arses at info@golfpunkmedia.com

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