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Ok, Got it!

Dec 21st, 2015

A Quick Livener #8

Helping the GolfPunk Gravy This Week...

Helping the GolfPunk Gravy this week & Bunching Arse...

Including the man with 4,000 hickory clubs, Ellie Day, Lebron James, Sepp Blatter, Michel Platini, Tiger Woods and Butch Harmon...


Help The Gravy!

Homes & Antiques Magazine for running a feature on this guy who's collected over 4,000 hickory golf clubs!!

Helping The You-Don-t-Need-Fancy-Modern-Clubs-To-Prove-You-Love-The-Game Gravy!

Check out Gavin's website: http://timewarpgolf.com



Bunch Of Arse!

The Walker Cup team not getting much of a mention at SPOTY 

"And when we win the SPOTY Team Of The Year award make sure you've got your angles right. TV puts 10lbs on you"

Bunch Of Give-The-Whippersnappers-A-Break-For-Once Arse!



Help The Gravy!

The guy who had simply taken too much suffering on the golf course (Click pic to view)

Helping The You've-Now-Given-Us-The-Inspiration-To-Finally-Have-A-Complete-Meltdown Gravy!



Bunch Of Arse!

Basketball players for taking out nice Mrs Ellie Day while she was minding her own business at the game... (Click pic to see what happened...)

Bunch Of That's-All-You-Need-When-You've-Come-Out-For-A-Peaceful-Night-At-The-Basketball-Some-18-Stone-Mentalist-Ploughing-Into-You-At-40-Miles-Per-Hour Arse!


Help The Gravy!

Ellie Day for going on Twitter and not being upset or anything... (Click pic to see her tweets)

"To be perfectly honest, we've only really come to see LeBron play, he's our favourite... oh, look, here he comes now..."



Bunch Of Arse!

Golfers arguing all over the place!! (Click pic to see what we're on about...)

2001: "And then he said you'd end up getting off with loads of skanky cocktail waitresses, get injured all the time, sack me, then Stevie and end up stuck on 14 majors..."


Help The Gravy!

FIFA's Ethics Committee for finally throwing those no-good trumped-up half wits Blatter & Platini out of football.

"So that's the plan then. We'll let England think they've got a chance just to wind everyone up, and give it to, err, I dunno, ...Russia or somewhere..."


Bunch Of Arse!

FIFA's ethics committee for covering up corruption, belly-rubbing and conceited half-wits for decades.

"And then we'll make a load more countries fork out a fortune bidding and then give it to,... I dunno, errmm... somewhere mental like Qatar or somewhere..."


Help The Gravy!

This warm weather for letting us get on the golf course in December?!

Helping The Where-The-Hell-Is-This-Picture-From-We-Haven't-Seen-The-Sun-For-A-Month?-Oh-It's-Coombe-Hill?You're-Having-A-Laugh Gravy!


Bunch Of Arse!

This mild weather for making it seem a lot not like Christmas, plus it's been chucking it down and the course is closed again today!

Bunch Of Every-Bloody-Morning-Get-The-Same-Bloody-Email-Saying-The-Bloody-Course-Is-Bloody-Closed-That'll-Teach-Us-For-Living-In-A-Clay-Based-Area Arse!


Help The Gravy!

All of you guys for sending in your GP Christmas Jukebox suggestions! (Click pic to play)

Helping The No-Matter-How-Much-Arse-Is-Bunching-Around-The-Place-We-Can-Always-Play-The-GP-Christmas-Jukebox-To-Cheer-Ourselves-Up-And-Give-Us-An-Excuse-To-Say-"Well-It-Is-Christmas-We're-Going-For-A-Pint" Gravy!


Bunch Of Arse!

Slow walking Christmas shoppers

Bunch Of I-Only-Came-Out-For-A-Pint-Of-Bloody-Milk Arse!

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