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Ok, Got it!

Nov 9th, 2015

A Quick Livener #4

#HelpTheGravy #BunchOfArse

A Quick Livener #4



1) Russell Knox's wife Andrea

For totally staunching it up and making it possible for hubbie Russell to actually be in the WGC event at all. Helping The Sorting-Out-Last-Minute-Invite-During-Last-Week's-PGA-Tour-Event-And-Getting-Russ-On-The-Plane-On-Time-&-Then-Caddying-In-The-First-Round-As-His-Regular-Caddie-Couldn't-Do-The-Same-Gravy!

A Quick Livener #4"Did I say you could eat the trophy? Now get back to work!"

Full story here:

A Quick Livener #4The airport staff were in high spirits as they congratulate Russell on just making his plane to China


2) Ronnie the GolfPug

For being the new GolfPunk dog:

Helping The Rescue-Society-&-Being-Our-New-Columnist-Coming-Soon Gravy!

A Quick Livener #4Woof


3) The European Tour

For finally figuring out that most of our really good players are going to be too busy playing on the USPGA Tour to be able to commit to playing 13 events on the European Tour. Plus, removing the 4 WGC events and majors from that list, so players have to commit to proper European Tour events in order to be eligible for Ryder Cup qualification.

Helping The Lazy-USA-Based-Europeans-Can't-Even-Be-Bothered-To-Turn-Up-To-The-BMW Gravy!

A Quick Livener #4

"Look son, it's the lesser-spotted Poulter Beast... very rarely seen round these parts ..." Pelley & son catch a rare glimpse...

Full story here:


4) That brilliant kangaroo for traumatising golfers in Australia:

Helping The Get-Off-My-Bloody-Golf-Course-If-You're-Not-Gone-By-This-Arvo-Blimey-All-This-Running-Has-Made-Me-As-Dry-As-ADead-Dingo's-Donger-Anyway-Ya-Getting-Heaps?-Yeah-Me-Too-Now-Rack-Off Gravy!

A Quick Livener #4

"Fair dinkum, cobblers. Now rack off!"

Full story & video here:


5) Greg Norman for being a total gent when the Brigadier went to to the Bahamas (yes, the bloody Bahamas) to interview him.

Helping The Greg-Wasn't-Quite-Expecting-A-Chap-From-The-Raj-To-Ask-A-Load-Of-Mental-Random-Questions-But-Enjoyed-It-Anyway Gravy!

A Quick Livener #4"What's the biggest animal I could throw over a crossbar? Have you been on the sherry again, Brig?"




1) Dodgy necks for making Scott Doak retire from European Tour card qualification.

Bunch Of Sixth-Time-This-Year-He's-Had-To-Retire-From-A-Tournament-Because-Of-A-Pinched-Nerve-In-His-Neck-Injury Arse!

A Quick Livener #4

"This therapeutic Neck Saver flat cup is rubbish"


2) Interns for getting all the good jobs

Bunch Of So-You're-Off-To-Jamaica-For-7-Nights-Are-Ya-What-Are-We-Chopped-Liver? Arse!

A Quick Livener #4Cinnamon Hill Golf Course, Montego Bay. Hosting GolfPunk Interns Since 2015


3) Going to the cashpoint and walking off without your money:

Bunch Of Must-Be-Working-Too-Hard-Or-Was-It-The-Brigadier's-Home-Made-Sherry? Arse!

A Quick Livener #4

Any excuse to get Hard-Fi on the site!


4) Wet legs on the golf course.

Bunch Of I-Really-Should-Have-Put-The-Waterproofs-On-Before-I-Went-Out Arse!

A Quick Livener #4

"Not sure why I'm using a putter but..."


5) Christmas in October

Bunch Of I-Like-Christmas-Actually-But-Not-Before-I've-Had-Chance-To-Say-Tara-To-Summer-What-Summer? Arse!

A Quick Livener #4

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