Oct 19th, 2015

A Quick Livener #AQL

Your Monday Morning Catch Up

Helping The Gravy This Weekend Were...

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Andy Sullivan for tearing the field to shreds at The Portugal Masters.

A Quick Livener #AQL

Helping The Whopping-Nine-Shot-Victory Gravy

Andy Sullivan: What's He Like? Takes GP Biscuit Tin Challenge

Andy Sullivan Romps Home To Win Portugal Masters


Local golf courses for being local (and golf courses).

Helping The I-Just-Played-My-First-Round-For-Ages Gravy!

A Quick Livener #AQL

Haywards Heath Golf Club: A local golf course

Pitch & Putt NOT Ditch & Shut (Special Report)


Modern Family for being back on the telly.

A Quick Livener #AQL

Helping The Monday-Night-Capering Gravy!

Phil Dunphy funniest moments


Lexi for winning the Keb-Hana Bank Championship in a star studded field.

Helping The Swingin-Siren-Topping-The-Leaderboard Gravy!


A Quick Livener #AQLGet in! Lexi wins a lovely wooden rabbit without any facial features

Exclusive GolfPunk Shoot: Lexi Thompson Swingin' Siren


Gunnar at Oscar Jacobson for showing us round their swanky showroom which is in fact an old stables in the West End of Giddy London.

A Quick Livener #AQL

Helping The Fancy-New-Range-Of-Golf-Clothes-Including-A-Rather-Fetching-Tweed-Jacket-That-We've-Got-Our-Eye-On Gravy!


Argentinian Emilliano Grillo for getting his first PGA Tour win the Frys.com Open.

A Quick Livener #AQL

Helping The We'd-Never-Heard-Of-Him-Either Gravy!


Bunching Arse this weekend were...


Bloody cats who turn their poncey noses up at the food they're given.

A Quick Livener #AQL

Bunch Of What-Were-You-Expecting-A-Bloody-Fillet-Steak-&-A-Glass-Of-Chateau-Neuf-De-Bloody-Pap? Arse!


Massimo Cellino

A Quick Livener #AQL

Bunch Of Clear-Off-You-Mentalist-You're-Destroying-A-Once-Fine-Football-Club Arse!


Fantasy League Golf teams that collectively miss the cut left, right & centre.

A Quick Livener #AQL

Bunch Of I-Really-Shouldn't-Pick-Players-Based-On-Their-Amusing-Surnames Arse!


Wives who put your lucky hole-in-one golf ball 'somewhere safe' and then forget where they put it.

A Quick Livener #AQL

Bunch Of I-Will-Only-Ever-Get-One-Hole-In-One-In-My-Life-And-While-We're-At-It-Where-Have-You-Hidden-My-Lucky-Six-Iron? Arse!

Watch – Ace Ace Baby: The European Tour Best Holes In One

Rickie Fowler Aces At The Quicken Loans

67 Million To 1 Shot: This Golfer Got 2 Aces in 4 Holes

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