Oct 15th, 2015

Frys.com Open: Silverado's HILF

Holes I'd Like To Frequent: The seductive 11th

Check out Silverado's HILF (Holes I'd Like To Frequent) at the Frys.com Open on TV this weekend: It's the par three 11th and it will get your gander up something terrible if you're not careful...

Frys.com Open: Silverado's HILFFrequent away you lucky people

Silverado North, Napa Valley Cali:

Hole 11, a 174 yard par 3,

This is definitely Johnny Miller's ultimate HILF because he used to live on the 11th hole (in a house off the fairway rather than in a bunker or anything), and he joined an investment group that bought the resort in 2010. Miller has since redesigned the North and the South courses:

“This is a tough golf course," says Miller. "These greens are as tough as Augusta at high speeds.

“I made every decision on the course for the first time in my life. For once I could say if you hate it, it’s my fault. If you like it, it’s my fault.”

Miller now hosts the Frys.com tournament and was instrumental in bringing it to Silverado.

Frys.com Open: Silverado's HILFYou can frequent here...

Frys.com Open: Silverado's HILFOr you can frequent here...


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