Sep 28th, 2016

The Swingin' Siren Ryder Cup Part 1

First up Team Europe!!!

Forget the Ryder Cup, it's all about the alternative Swingin' Siren Ryder Cup. The Siryder cup maybe. We'll work on that. But first up here's your two team captains...

In the blue corner Captain Carly Booth and she's leading her European team against an American side captained by Paige Spiranac!!!

So Carly is going to be a playing captain. And with this form, we can't blame her.

Check out Carly Booth: Swingin' Siren here...

Amy Boulden

Representing Wale, this girl can play.

The Swingin' Siren Ryder Cup Part 1

Check out Amy Boulden: Swingin' Siren here...

Maria Verchenova 

Russian Olympian. Swingin' Siren supreme. And straight in to the team.

Check out Maria Verchenova: Swingin' Siren here

Rachel McQueen 

GolfPunk's Open Golf nurse. The Westwood to Carly's Clarke.

Check out Rachel McQueen: Swingin' Siren here

Kelly Tidy

No chance that the tidiest of golfers wasn't making the team. And she can keep the buzz up with her trick shot attempts.

Check out Kelly Tidy: Swingin' Siren here...

Denise Van Outen

Bringing some experience to the side, Denise Van Outen will play a vital role in keeping team morale chipper.

The Swingin' Siren Ryder Cup Part 1

Check out Denise Van Outen: Swingin' Siren here...

Eve Muirhead

That Olympic spirit can go along way in a team competition

The Swingin' Siren Ryder Cup Part 1Check out Eve Muirhead: Swingin' Siren here...

Melissa Reid

She's ready for the big time. She's got the game. This'll be the making of her.

The Swingin' Siren Ryder Cup Part 1

Check out Melissa Reid: Swingin' Siren here...

Belen Mozo

How could you leave her out? In form, and potentially Europe's top point scorer.

Check out Belen Mozo: Swingin' Siren here...

Carolin Pinegger

Representing Austria. Owner of a strong selfie game.

Check out Carolin Pinegger: Swingin' Siren here...

Frida Gustaffsson Spang

This Swede absolutely Spang's it...

The Swingin' Siren Ryder Cup Part 1Check out Frida Gustafsson Spang: Swingin' Siren here...

Maria Orlova

They think it's Orlova. It is now...

Check out Maria Orlova: Swingin' Siren here...

Come back tomorrow for Team USA!!!

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