Dec 29th, 2015

The Best of the Swingin' Sirens 2015 Part 1

With all new shots!!!

It's that weird time between Christmas and New Year when there's not much going on, nobody's playing golf, and we're all a bit bored and looking for something to entertain us on the line... So we thought we'd bring you fresh pics of all 2015's Swingin' Sirens. It's like an all-new-best-of... if that makes any sense? Even if it doesn't, have a gander through these. We reckon it's the most golf related fun you'll have today.

Zoe Hardman

“It is literally going to be my biggest regret on my deathbed that I never turned pro as a golfer.”


#TBT to when I skated all day long. Bring back roller skates

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Here's Zoe's shoot for us

Pollyanna Woodward

"All of them brought their game and rammed it home. It was incredible to watch. I loved every single second of it." Pollyanna on the Ryder Cup. 


Dinner with my gorgeous hubby ... Life's great times #perfect #adorehim #soulmate

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Check out Pollyanna's shoot here...

Jodie Kidd

“I have to say that Michael Johnson was one of the worst golfers I’ve ever been teamed up against. He is just such a legend, and he had this amazing aura, but then my word! When he got up and addressed the ball I was like ‘this is going to be a really long day!’ But he was fabulous, really funny, and he took it on the chin, but he was a really terrible golfer.”


Back to Blighty by bye paradise thank you for having us @sonevagroup wearing @melissaodabash @chanelofficial

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Jodie Kidd, fast cars and golf swings...

Paige Spiranac

You saw her here first...


Happy Holidays❤️

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Check her out here...

Amy Boulden

"The only thing that makes me angry is table tennis!"


Maria Balikoeva

"We were traveling a lot and when I came back to Russia I was number one. I was just playing better than any other girl in the country."


Мое любимое упражнение для пресса. My motivation for today☝️#corestrength #corework

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From Russia with Glove!!!


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