Jul 7th, 2017

Symetra Sensation it's Ashleigh Albrecht

A Day In The Life

Symetra Tour starlet Ashleigh Albrecht comes all the way from Newport Beach. Which, I guess isn't all that far if that's where you live also... anyway, we caught up with Ashleigh for a Day In The Life...



8.32am: Ashleigh is up and at them and has big plans for the day, but figures there's always time for a selfie




9.21am: Down at the golf course Ashleigh takes a driver to it and launches one down the middle



11.42am: Just as she is about to make a tricky 7 foot putt, John Daly hollers at Ashleigh from the other fairway and insists they 'do the selfie thing'




12.15pm: Ashleigh composes herself after her encounter with the Wild Thing and ignores everything he said to her about 'lengthening that back swing'



2.44pm: Ashleigh decides that all this golf capering is getting her a bit hot under the collar, so she legs it to the beach and dives right in...




3.55pm: Completely ignoring the orders of her manager, Ashleigh refuses to go back to the golf course just yet, opting instead to gate crash her pal' swimming pool and shouting 'USA' over and over...




5.22pm: But business is business and if Ashleigh is going to be breaking cheques and cashing necks on the Symetra Tour, she needs her practice...




5.47pm: This is what happens if you interrupt Ashleigh during her back swing... looks like she really enjoyed it too!




6.10pm: Ashleigh's crew suddenly turn up intent on 'partying on down' ...




6.22pm: One Tia Maria & Lucozade later, Ashleigh attempts to produce a 'mad lob shot' but this ends in disaster as she takes out a nearby construction worker...




6.11pm: Still, it was extremely funny...




6.48pm: Ashleigh and her trusty caddie always like to dress accordingly..




7.33pm: The sun is about to set so Ashleigh grabs the opportunity of some great selfie light to... well, do another selfie...




8pm: Nothing like a quick clubhouse caper for a nice selfie...



8.33pm: Just time for a quick melancholy stroll in the park...



10pm and time for bed but not before Ashleigh posts one of her favourite selfies. That is, if an inanimate object can be classed as having a selfie taken? Something to think about...




Swingin Sirens; The whole kitten kaboodle...

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