Jul 1st, 2017

Swingin Siren Cassandra Blaney

Champions Gate pro blazin it up

Cassandra Blaney is a Florida golf pro based at Champions Gate, Orlando. It's as simple as that.


Dandelion problems... there's nothing worse...



Surfer girl...









Hello cheeky...







Don't point that thing at us!



Swingin Siren Cassandra BlaneyFilm-wise, Cassandra likes Batman and Rocky IV


Swingin Siren Cassandra BlaneyMusic wise Cassandra likes crazy rapper Eminem, Elvis and Whitney Houston...


Swingin Siren Cassandra BlaneyCassandra is what they call a 'bomber'


Swingin Siren Cassandra BlaneyAnd here's how she maintains that power...


Swingin Siren Cassandra BlaneyGolf clubs wise, Cassandra likey Vokey very muchy


Swingin Siren Cassandra BlaneyCassandra has played on the Ladies Symetra Tour, you know...


Swingin Siren Cassandra BlaneyAnd she smashes it off the fairway...


Swingin Siren Cassandra BlaneyDoesn't matter which fairway, either, she just smashes it...


Swingin Siren Cassandra BlaneyHop aboard GolfPunkers, this buggie headed for Lovely Stuff Central


Swingin Siren Cassandra BlaneyNever ‚Äčone to be perturbed by course interference, Cassandra will play thorugh just about anything


Swingin Siren Cassandra Blaney

Cassandra also likey the Nike




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Swingin Siren Cassandra Blaney


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