Nov 1st, 2017

Paulina Gretzky Halloween Special

These Ghouls can play!!!

It's that time of year when you're allowed to dress up as an idiot ghost, ghoul, or your favourite cartoon character, all in the name of collecting candy. While there are a lot of treats on display below, there's a couple of tricks in here too.  

Treat: Blair O'Neal

GolfPunk favourite Blair gets her Disney on, appearing as everyones favourite female mouse. Not that we could think of any other female mice...

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Treat: Paulina Gretzky

Dustin's number one squeeze has squeezed herself into, well we think a Lara Croft outfit, but we're not too sure. Not very scary mind. 

A day in the life with Paulina Gretzky

Trick: Anna DePalma

It's the classic Halloween horror film trope, the cheerleader in distress. The only problem is Anna DePalma doesn't look in too much distress though, she looks like shes thoroughly enjoying herself...

Treat: Niki Virga

Harry Potter never looked this good. But Niki Virga makes us remember expelliarmus and all that guff a little more fondly.

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Trick: Hailey Rae Ostrom

Rickie Fowler has never looked this good in shorts. Oh, and nice tache ready for Movemebr Hailey.

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Lily Muni He

Paulina take note: This is how you pull off a Lara Croft outfit.

Lily Muni He China Girl...

Treat: Amanda Roberson

No one should keep this genie in the bottle.  

Trick: Destiny Lee

Um, wow. What's going on here? Destiny Lee, when it comes to scary outfits, we think you've nailed it. 

Treat: Ashley Mae

Forgot your golf cart, the future of golf is all about riding around on two wheels. Ashley Mae is a Daughter of Anarchy.

A day in the life with Ashley Mae...

Treat: Alison Lee

She's the devil, but we can't say Alison Lee is in too much of a disguise. 

Treat: Elise Lobb

Grease is indeed the word, as Elise Lobb knocks it out of the park as Sandy.

Elise Lobb: Swingin' Siren...

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