Nov 25th, 2017

Melissa Magdor, Swingin' Siren

Crikey O'Reilly!

Melissa Magdor, Swingin' SirenLovely cap

All the way from the Florida, we present to you Melissa Magdor. Formally of the Jacksonville University golf team, we'd like to offer you more information on her but we can't. She plays golf. She has a good time. She looks hot. That'll do for us.

Melissa Magdor, Swingin' Siren
This isn't suitable golf attire, you should probably get changed if you want to make that tee time

We found this video of her playing back in 2010, and she just needs to pull the trigger!. Never good standing that long over the ball.


Melissa Magdor, Swingin' SirenWe're sure you're going to miss that green right Mel

Melissa Magdor, Swingin' SirenWhere's Wally?

Melissa Magdor, Swingin' SirenMelissa is a disciple of Sam Snead

Melissa Magdor, Swingin' SirenShe's a sharp shooter on and off the course

Melissa Magdor, Swingin' SirenMelissa and her pal. Just because.


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Melissa Magdor, Swingin' Siren


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