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Ok, Got it!

Jan 5th, 2017

Kaboom! It's Swingin Siren Elise Lobb

Lobb's yer Uncle!! Well,... your Siren anyway...

Elise Lobb has certainly been making waves recently. (Hang on, that's the ocean isn't it? – Ed) What's the golfing equivelant... she's been blazin' that shit up all day long. (That's better – Ed)

And when she's not been playing golf, she's been talking about it on Fox Sports Swing Clinic where she is co-host.

Anyway, here is a day in the life of the wonder girl, Elise Lobb...


8.35am: Elise gets down the course to work on her driving. She is, as they say in the trade, a 'baller'




8.41am: Having nailed one straight down the middle and had a quick change of clothes just because she felt like it, Elise eyes up birdie...




9.47am: You'll have to take our word for it that she made the 12-foot slightly downhill, right to left putt. Here Elise takes on the tricky 4th. In another new outfit.




11.32am: Time for another change of outfit and to retrieve her errant tee shot on 9 which ended up in the lumberyard, otherwise known as the range




12.38pm: Never mind all that golf caper for a minute. Elise had a hankering to put on something more glamorous and get dressed up good-style for her mid-way luncheon snack




1.22pm: After a pleasant luncheon of sausages and gravy, Elise suddenly remembers it's her 22nd birthday and decides to treat herself to some balloons and another outfit. It has not gone unnoticed, however, that no one seems to have remembered her birthday apart from Elise and, suddenly, those sausages and gravy seem a bit unworthy of a birthday luncheon...





2.15pm: Well, if that's everyone's attitude to her birthday, Elise might just as well get back to what she loves doing best




4.45pm: At last, Elise's copy of Golf Digest with Beef on the cover has arrived! She realises quite quickly that this is not as good as GolfPunk's piece on Beef where he gets interviewed by a sock puppet called Valderrama, but it will have to do for now...




6.15pm: Back at home, Elise goes online to find out if Beef like ice cream...




6.45pm: Wowzers, not everyone forgot her birthday!! The perfect present, Elise gets a special delivery from PXG. They remembered!!




7.17pm: It's Elise's birthday and she can do exactly what she wants. So she does this...




8.44pm: Actually, Elise can think of much more intersting things to do than just lie about all night, so she goes out with her pals and buys an aeroplane




10.22pm: As a special birthday treat, Elise and her pals go down to Top Golf and get totally wasted...




11.32pm: We lost track of Elise after this but we think she was having a nice time. Happy birthday Elise,.. whenever it was?


TAGS: Swingin Sirens, Carly Booth, Denise Van Outen, Lexi Thompson, 2017