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Ok, Got it!

Nov 28th, 2016

Trump abusive sacking footage re-emerges

Not everyone's idea of management style but he gets results, goddamit!

"Use your f*&^ing brain, or you'll be fired!"

That's just one of the choice moments from footage that has re-emerged of Donald Trump's golf course management style from his own reality TV show Donald Trump's Fabulous World Of Golf. The show  aired on The Golf Channel in 2010 & 2011.


The scenes had been withheld before the election, but have now been obtained by Buzzfeed.

In one scene, Trump advises course landscaper Paul O'Connor to 'use [his] f**king brain' or he'd be fired, after the landscaper had suggested aiming the course away from the ocean view.

'I mean you're driving them (the team) f**king crazy,' he repeats, adding: 'I don't know what the f**k the problem is'. 

He tells O'Connor to 'give them an idea and leave 'em – if they don't want to use it, don't use it'. 

"And have Scotland tilted 45 degrees to left will ya..."

He then moderates his tone and adds, 'you're a very strong guy, you're an opinionated guy, I'd probably be like you too – but look, I gotta make a change if you're not gonna do it.'

As they walk away he adds: 'Get smart, use your f**king brain, okay?' 

It emrges later in the same episode that O'Connor is indeed fired from the course by Trump. In another section, Trump bemoans a group of local houses that overlook the course - spoiling, he says, the view. 

'Sarah, I want to get rid of that house,' Trump says, pointing to a large building overlooking the course.

'It's going to create a bit of a stir,' she replies.

''Who cares? Who cares?' He says.' You know what, who cares, it's our property, we can do what we want. We're trying to build the greatest course in the world, this house is ugly.'

"Put me down for a birdie on the last..."

"But, sir, you went out of bounds twice,...."

"You're f*&@ing fired, too."


Trump then claims he will 'berm' the house, in other words put a massive pile of earth up around it so no one can see the house from the course. 

'I don't want to see the houses,' he says. 'And nobody has a problem with it – I guess maybe the people that live in the houses have...'

In a third clip he's seen telling construction workers to 'add curve' to the course, and points to another house off the side, saying 'That house is going to be gone because you’re putting a big dune right there.... this is fantastic, huh?'

A fourth clip shows him stuffing something into the pocket of a worker, saying: "Put this in your pocket, that's for you guys, for you and for you know, your growth. For whoever you want, or for you, I don't give a shit. It can also be exclusively for you, all right?"

The Golf Channel had previously refused to re-air or release the footage prior to the election, saying there was no reason to do so. In a statement they said: "The episodes that aired did not contain anything newsworthy as it relates to this election, and we are unaware of any newsworthy content that did not make air."


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