May 6th, 2017

Willy Wilcox calls penalty on himself

After changing his putter mid round

Willy Wilcox calls penalty on himself Before Will Wilcox could finish his second round, bad weather forced his round to be delayed until Saturday morning. He was already 4 over, and his putter had gone cold.  Thinking that a putter change could make all the difference, he duly swopped out his putter in readiness for the next day.

There was a slight problem, however......

He was technically still playing his second round!

Realising his mistake he contacted a rules official, and explained his position.

It actually wasn't curtains for Will, as he was not disqualified. But he did get hit with a four shot penalty, and that was curtains as far as he was concerned, and he did not complete his second round.

But he did call this one on himself, so good work Will.


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Willy Wilcox calls penalty on himself

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