Sep 6th, 2017

Snap! Driver casualty at Volvik World Long Drive

This can be an expensive business!

You know when you say you've really 'ripped that one', or 'I've piped that bad boy', that kind of thing..., well, you haven't. Not really. Not like Wes Patterson, who split his driver virtually in half at the Volvik World Long Drive Championship.


As you will see, the driver head and the shaft have not been getting on well for some time and their simmering feud has resulted in said head hurtling way crowd-ward. Luckily, it appears nobody was injured.
Patterson is unranked in the global long drive rankings, but not for long if he carries on like this. Plus he’s already defeated World No. 1 Maurice Allen twice.

Kaboom indeed.




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Snap! Driver casualty at Volvik World Long Drive

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