May 9th, 2017

Sharmila Nicollet wins Twitter poll

For ShopRite LPGA Classic Invitation

Sharmila Nicollet wins Twitter pollIndia's Sharmlia Nicollet has beaten Blair O'Neal to the top spot in a controversial Twitter poll to secure a sponsor's invite at the ShopRite LPGA Classic.

Here are the final standings in the poll:

Here's how Sharmila pitched it her to fans on Twitter:

Sharmila has 368.000 Twitter follows against Blair's 77,000 so it's no real surprise that she bagged the spot. It will hopefully give the game a shot in the arm in India, which will love a new star who can compete on a global stage.

The Guardian's Anya Alvarez wrote that she thought that the Twitter Poll was exploitative and not creative. But at the same time The Guardian's Ewan Murray wrote of the GolfSixes that although it was innovative the real problem the game faced was a lack of exposure.

I'm afraid you cannot have you cake and eat it too. When would a sponsor's invite for an LPGA event ever have garned so much interest and exposure for an event? 

The game does need the oxygen of publicity to thrive, and this has clearly got engagement, and maybe even sparked interest across India and its population of 1.3 billion.

Which reminds me, can you give this a Re-Tweet Sharmila? Thanks. 

Story update. Sharmila gave us a like, but did not Re–Tweet. Come on now Sharmila. We could be useful if there's another Twitter Poll! 


Sharmila Nicollet – Swingin' Siren 

Sharmila Nicollet wins Twitter poll

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