Jul 18th, 2017

Local school shows support for Tommy Fleetwood

With good luck video

Local school shows support for Tommy FleetwoodSouthport local Tommy Fleetwood has received some fantastic support after a video was sent out by his former primary school Kew Woods.

Fleetwood is hopeful of a victory at Birkdale after a successful year in which he has already secured the Open De France and the Abu Dubai championship.

Pupils of Scarisbrick Hall have now made a video showing their support for Fleetwood, gathering in the school grounds to “Good Luck Tommy Fleetwood”. Tommy replied to the video on Twitter:



Tommy Fleetwood has also commented on feeling no pressure to perform well, even though he's competing in his own backyard. “‘No, no, not at all, really. That’s putting [the] wrong spin on it. I’ll have the most support I’ve ever had in my life. I don’t feel extra pressure from it. Obviously, it’s going to be a different experience, for sure. But it will be great to have so many people out there rooting for you. So I think it will be nice”.

Click here to watch the video:

Local school shows support for Tommy Fleetwood


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Local school shows support for Tommy Fleetwood


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