Oct 21st, 2016

Why Tiger Woods will beat Jack's major record

Tiger believes – that is why


Eldrick The 1st, King Of Golf has been talking. Fresh off his Ryder Cup Vice-Captaincy, his non-return to golf at the Safeway Classic, and the launch of his TGR corporate monster, Tiger Woods has done the US chat shows in a PR blitz. And he is either delusional or has the greatest self belief of any person ever. 


When asked by Charlie Rose if he had 'accepted that he wouldn't’win 18 majors', and reach Jack Nicklaus record, well, the exchange went like this:

Rose: "Do you believe you’ll get 18 majors?"

Woods: "To be honest with you, no."

Rose: "You don’t?"

Woods: "No."

Rose: "You’ve accepted that?"

Woods: "I’ve accepted I’m going to get more."

The two had a little laugh, but Tiger was being deadly serious. 

Jack Nicklaus won one major when he was older than Woods (40) is now. Hogan was 41 in 1953 when he won three majors in a season. Gary Player was 43, and that was his only major in his 40s. 

Everything is against Tiger but he still believes. "Jack has always been one of my heroes. I looked up to him. I wouldn't say I lusted for his record, I just think that was the gold standard.”



Tiger 2.0 seems to be taking himself much less seriously. Up to this point he's always been the golfing god, his super human feats on the course made him hard to relate to, someone to worship but not understand.

Both for us and his peers, he was an intimidating deity, as he kept on stomping them on the course. Now, as he's winding down his career, he is trying to re-invent himself as a lovable doofus. He's playing serious in the suit and the terrible barnet (TIGER JUST SHAVE IT ALL OFF, the beard's got you covered) but can you imagine him doing a video like this in his past? 



When asked what his biggest regret was, Tiger didn't say his aforementioned hair do. Nor the flappy chinos he used to love. It wasn't even cheating on his wife, or being caught for cheating on his wife. No, Tiger's biggest regret was skipping college after just one year. 

Woods: "You know, if you look back, the only regret I have in life is not spending another year at Stanford, and I wish I would’ve had one more year."

Rose: "That’s the only regret?"

Woods: "That’s the only regret, I wish I had."

Rose: "Of all the things that’s happened to you?"

Woods: "All the things and that’s all..."

Rose: "Everything?"

Woods: "All the things I’ve been through are tough, yes. They’ve been tough, but they’ve been great for me, but I wish I would’ve gone one more year at Stanford."

Now, one more year at college could have got all that oat-sowing out of his system maybe, but it's a push. An extra year of frat houses, beer pong, and college girls. If that's your biggest regret, it just shows what a life Tiger Woods has lived!

So, to surmise, it is now official. Tiger Woods will beat Jack Nicklaus's record of winning 18 majors. He said so. You heard him. That is all.



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Why Tiger Woods will beat Jack's major record

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