Jan 11th, 2019

Why Jason Dufner is a DUDE

With new hat deal

Jason Dufner may have been without a hat sponsor in 2018, but he’s now become a DUDE for 2019.

Why Jason Dufner is a DUDE

Without a hat sponsor in 2018, Dufner wore a series of eye-catching hats across the season, including a supportive "Save the Crew" hat designed to keep MSL team, the Columbus Crew from leaving their home city.

But now he has a new hat deal for 2019, and it is with a brand called DUDE.

We have never heard of the brand here, but it is apparently a men’s personal care wipe product, which got featured on ABC's Shark Tank in 2015 – the USA’s version of Dragons Den.



Here's how you can "Take it to the hole"......


We are going to check them out, as they could be a useful weapon for the Longest Day Challenge......


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Why Jason Dufner is a DUDE

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