Feb 6th, 2017

US Open becomes golf's richest event

$12,000,000.00 up for grabs at Oakmont 2017!

Rool up, rolll up. It's the richest event in golf. This year a whopping $12,000,000.00 is up for grabs at Oakmonrt for the 2017 U.S. Open.

The U.S. Golf Association has increased the prize money by $2 million from a year ago, with the winner at this year's championship at Erin Hills in Wisconsin set to receive $2.16 million. Dustin Johnson got $1.8 million for his 2016 U.S. Open win at Oakmont Country Club in Pennsylvania.

US Open becomes golf's richest event

"I've got a US Open trophy full of kazzooly!"

The purse increase jumps the U.S. Open past the Players Championship and PGA Championship ($10.5 million) as the richest tournament in professional golf. The Masters Tournament offers $10 million in prize money.

US Open becomes golf's richest event

No you can't keep it, 'Just in case things take a sudden turn for the worst and you get stuck on 14 majors...'

The purse for the U.S. Women's Open has also been increased from $4.5 million last year to a record $5 million for this year's championship at Trump National Bedminster in New Jersey.

Whichever way you look at it, that's a whole lot of moolah, a big shipment of pajanga, a whole heap of rum baba, a death star consignment of Chewbacca fur, a greenside bunker full of... (Pack it in! – Ed).

US Open becomes golf's richest eventErin Hills, venue for 2017 US Open where players will compete for a wheelbarrow full of cajunga, a residential town house full of gabooly, a fridge freezer full of... (That's enough now – Ed)


Give yourself a giggle as golfer muttering derisory comments under his breath gets his comeuppance...

US Open becomes golf's richest event


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