Oct 29th, 2015

The Race To Dubai 2015

What's going on? We try to explain it here...

Right. Hang on in there, please. We are about to try explain how the Race To Dubai works. We thought the Top 60 line up was complete following the completion of the Hong Kong Open. We were wrong..

Apparently the line up is not complete until the Turkish Airlines Open finishes this weekend. Then, the Top 60 players will progress to the next tournamant. If they feel like it, that is...

(Our hopeful comments in italics)


The first of four tournaments in the Final Series are now underway:

Now: Turkish Airlines Open by the Ministry of Youth and Sport

Next week (5th-8th Nov) WGC HSBC Champions at Sheshan International GC,  Shanghai

Week after that (12-15th Nov) BMW Masters at Lake Malaren GC, Shanghai

DP World Tour Championship, Jumeirah Golf Estate, Dubai


40 million points available – 10 million for each event

1,666,600 points for the winner of each event

Top 60 available players on The Race to Dubai after Turkey will qualify for season finale

Top 15 on The Race to Dubai at the end of the season will share $5 million Bonus Pool


2015 Final Series & RTD Rankings 

Each of the four Final Series tournaments, being the Turkish Airlines Open, The WGC- HSBC Champions, The BMW Masters and the DP World Tour Championship will have an enhanced Race to Dubai point’s breakdown totalling 8,000,000 points, with each winner receiving 1,333,330 points.

Ok, got it. There's a lot of moulah suddenly available for these tournaments. Understood.

1. Any player who participates in the Turkish Airlines Open, WGC-HSBC Champions or BMW Masters who was ranked below the 110th Ranked Member or Ranked European Challenge Tour Member on the Race to Dubai Rankings at the conclusion of the Hong Kong Open, will not have any points earned in these tournaments allocated to the 2015 Race to Dubai Rankings. 

Right, so Graeme McDowell for example (currently 64th in the Race To Dubai standings and therefore out of the clutch Top 60) can play in the Turkish Open because he's famous, and earn cash, but he can't earn any points that would help him break into the Top 60 and therefore be eligible for the 'Final' in Dubai?

Furthermore any tournament invitations into the BMW Masters or Turkish Airlines Open are also excluded from having any points earned from these events allocated to the 2015 Race to Dubai Rankings. 

Right, so – even though you haven't qualified for this event that the European Tour banged on about all season as requiring qualification – you can still play in the final series if you get a sponsors invitation? So, technically, even I could play if I had some mucky photos of the right people? 

NB. Non-member winners of Final Series events cannot take up European Tour Membership until the start of the 2016 Season, so will not feature in the 2015 Race to Dubai Rankings. 


2015 Race To Dubai Bonus Pool  
As in 2014 the 2015 Race to Dubai Bonus Pool will be divided amongst the leading 15 Players in The Race to Dubai Rankings as calculated at the conclusion of the 2015 DP World Tour Championship, Dubai, as set out in the table below. 

Got it, so the Top 15 at the end of the 'Final' get circa an extra €300,000 each (assuming it's dished out equally?)

The Bonus Pool will however not be treated as Official Money this year and will therefore not be added to the final Race to Dubai Rankings. This is to allow for the operation of an additional bonus scheme that will be paid out only to those players who participate in 3 out of 4 of the Final Series events as also set out in the table below. 

Errrrm... do you mean you're trying to encourage players to play all the final series events? Quite confused now...


Race to Dubai Ranking

Bonus (US$)

Additional Bonus % for playing in 3 out of 4 of the Final Series events

Additional Bonus

1 1,250,000 50% 625,000
2 800,000 25% 200,000
3 530,000 25% 132,500
4 400,000 25% 100,000
5 350,000 25% 87,500
6 300,000 15% 45,000
7 250,000 15% 37,500
8 200,000 15% 30,000
9 170,000 15% 25,500
10 150,000 15% 22,500
11 140,000 10% 14,000
12 130,000 10% 13,000
13 120,000 10% 12,000
14 110,000 10% 11,000
15 100,000 10% 10,000





Ok, so it's not dished out equally. The winner, who will have so much cash anyway by this stage, will get an extra $1.25million from the bonus pool. Personally I can't  see anyone getting very excited about Rory landing another million. Apart from Rory, maybe...

The Race To Dubai 2015Rory. Not short of a few euros

• The DP World Tour Championship, Dubai winner receives a five year European Tour Card exemption. The winner of the DP World Tour Championship, Dubai secures Category 2 Membership as does the winner of the BMW PGA Championship.

Appealing to Dany Willett no doubt, but Rory?

• The season finale took place in 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014 on the Earth Course designed by Greg Norman. The last four holes measure exactly one mile – 1760 yards – comprising a short par four, a long par four, a par three and a medium to long par five.

Lovely stuff

• A full Member in Categories 1-11 of The European Tour must play 12 tournaments to qualify for DP World Tour Championship, Dubai which by playing in would enable him to reach the minimum number of 13 required to retain full Membership of The European Tour.

Unless you're Rory McIlroy, in which case we'll make a big exception

A player must compete in the DP World Tour Championship, Dubai to receive a payment from The Race to Dubai Bonus Pool and therefore to be eligible to finish Number One and win The Harry Vardon Trophy unless he has a Mitigating Circumstance*. Affiliate and/or Category 15 Members do not have to play a minimum of 12 as they do not have the right to enter tournaments and can only play on invites or qualification.

My eyes are starting to bleed...

* Mitigating Circumstance: A player withdrawing from the DP World Tour Championship, Dubai for reasons of injury, serious disability or personal emergency which is deemed acceptable** by the Chief Executive (in his absolute determination) will remain eligible to receive any applicable Bonus Pool payment. 

Got it, Nice and and arbitrary...

Now, has everyone got that?

The Race To Dubai 2015

Chris Wood: If he could


A load more info about who got what when

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