Feb 4th, 2017

Steven Bowditch arrested DUI in Scottsdale

That's no way to celebrate missing the cut

Australian PGA Tour pro Steven Bowditch has been arrested by Scottsdale police and charged with a DUI.

Steven Bowditch arrested DUI in Scottsdale

Bowditch was in Phoenix for the Phoenix Waste Management Open, though he missed the cut after back-to-back rounds of 74.

33-year-old Bowditch was allegedly found asleep at the wheel of a white pickup truck which had come to a stop at traffic lights. Another driver reported seeing the Bowditch's vehicle swerving down the road.

Steven Bowditch arrested DUI in Scottsdale

Steven Bowditch wins the 2014 Valero Bowditch Open 2014. He also won the 2015 Byron Nelson Classic

Police brethalised Bowditch and found he had blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of .204%, which qualifies as an "extreme" DUI.

We wish Steven all the best. We met him at The Open one year and he was a great guy. He introduced us to the phrase "Made the cut no dramas" which has since much used at GolfPunk Towers:




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Steven Bowditch arrested DUI in Scottsdale

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  • Anonymous

    Would you be wishing Steven Bowditch all the best if he'd crashed and killed someone. He may be a "nice guy" but....come on GP

    February 6 at 13:51pm