Nov 3rd, 2016

Snoop Dogg calls out Tiger Woods

In the nicest possible way...

Snoop Dogg loves golf! And these pictures are the best thing we've seen since, well, ever... Tiger & Snoop. Snoop & Tiger. Stick your putters in the air like you don't mutha f$*^%$ care!

Snoop Dogg calls out Tiger Woods

"You get the birdies, Tiger, I'll get the chronic..."

45-year-old Snoop recently revealed he and Tiger are "close friends", adding that Tiger's impending return from injury in December is a "beautiful thing" because golf is "garbage without him" and "it ain't as fly as it used to be."  

True that, Snoop.

Snoop Dogg calls out Tiger Woods

"You know that's not a guitar, right?"

He then compared the sport of golf to Shake 'n Bake chicken, calling Woods the "flavor" and the "seasoning salt."

I think we'd all back that, Mr Snoop. And as for yourself, we'd welcome your input into GolfPunk Radio, you'd be a brilliant golf commentator. Unless NBC snaps you up first.

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Beef sings California Love!

Snoop Dogg calls out Tiger Woods

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