Oct 23rd, 2018

Sergio Garcia and Callaway reign in Spain

Sergio Garcia and Callaway reign in SpainA full line-up of Callaway and Odyssey products powered Sergio Garcia to become only the second player in European Tour history to win the same tournament three times in a row as he claimed victory at the Andalucia Valderrama Masters hosted by the Sergio Garcia Foundation.

Emphatically securing his 15th European Tour win and 34th professional title with a four-shot, 12-under-par victory at Valderrama, the 2017 Masters Champion and Ryder Cup hero carded three rounds in the 60s at the rain-delayed 54-hole tournament.

The local hero, who has now won the Andalucia Valderrama Masters in 2011, 2017 and 2018, is a big fan of the Callaway Rogue Driver, the #1 Driver in play throughout the week, saying: “I love the ball flight. I can hit it both ways, left to right, or right to left.

Sergio has also spoken positively about his switch to the Callaway Chrome Soft Golf Ball: “It is definitely much better around the greens for me. It is also very important to see and feel that you can work the ball, and its flight. That is obviously one of the reasons I decided to come to Callaway.

On the greens, Sergio continues to rely on an Odyssey Toulon Atlanta Putter which helped him win The Singapore Open earlier this year.

His latest model carries a unique ‘European’ colourway which he put in play at Le Golf National where he became the most successful Ryder Cup player in history.

Odyssey, the #1 Putter in Golf, is now the first putter brand to notch more than 60 global wins in 2018. In fact, Odyssey Putters have recorded more wins than the second and third ranked brands combined!

Neil Howie, Managing Director of Callaway Golf EMEA, said: “Sergio is making a habit of winning on home soil and we are proud to see him achieve this historic European victory.

“It was Colin Montgomerie, another Callaway Staff Professional, that was previously the only European Tour player to win the same three tournaments back-to-back, the BMW PGA Championship, 1998-2000. It is great to see Callaway make European Tour history again, thanks to Sergio.”

What’s in the Bag - Sergio Garcia
Driver: Callaway Rogue Sub Zero Driver 10.5°, Mitsubishi Tensei 80x shaft
Fairways: Callaway Rogue Fairway Wood 15°, Mitsubishi Tensei shaft; Rogue Fairway Wood 18°, Mitsubishi Tensei shaft
Irons: Callaway Apex MB 18 Irons, 3-PW, Project X shafts
Wedges: Callaway Mack Daddy 4, 54°, 58°, Nippon Modus 130x shafts
Putter: Odyssey Toulon Atlanta Putter
Golf Ball: Chrome Soft X


Adare Manor named Golf Resort of the Year

Sergio Garcia and Callaway reign in Spain

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