Apr 11th, 2017

Peter Alliss under fire for sexist comments

Over the length of Sergio's fiancee's skirt

Peter Alliss under fire for sexist commentsPeter Alliss has managed to get himself into hot water again, over a remark he made on–air about the length of Sergio's fiancee, Angela Akins', skirt.

Angela was giving Sergio a congratulatory embrace for his maiden major win on the 74th attempt, but that did not stop Peter Alliss from remarking "she's got the shortest skirt on the campus."

Alliss confirmed that he thought he was off air when he made the comment, but agreed that it was “inappropriate.”

Peter Alliss under fire for sexist comments

The comment triggered calls for Alliss’ immediate removal with some claiming that the commentator “ruined Garcia’s finest moment (with the) disgraceful comment.”

We're not 100% sure who the 'some claiming' were but we suspect they just don't like Peter Alliss. Or skirts. 

And it’s not exactly the first time the 86–year–old commentator has come under fire for such remarks. Alliss's faux pas have become the thing of legend over the years. I can't remember the context of his comment at the 2005 Masters, but I do remember dropping my bacon sandwich when he declared that the situation was "complete bollocks".

Most recently he was in the firing line over his remarks on women’s membership at Muirfield, when he suggest that if women wanted to play there then they should marry a member.

He also drew flack for his comment in 2015, as Zach Johnson closed in on the Open Championship at St. Andrews. With the camera focused on the Zach’s wife, Alliss remarked: “She is probably thinking, ‘If this goes in, I get a new kitchen.’”

He has also commented on whether Paul Dunne liked older women after he was seen hugging his mother.

And this year, prior to the skirt comment, he said that he does not care for “macho women” that are “prevalent today.”

Alliss has recently said that he will go before he is pushed, but with this remark that day is already looking that much closer. And what will we do without him?



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Peter Alliss under fire for sexist comments



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Peter Alliss under fire for sexist comments

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Comments (3)

  • Anonymous

    I can't believe your po-faced take on Peter Alliss's remarks. As the home of Swingin Sirens and the recent cheeky 'Sergio may not know what he's missing' piece on Ms Akins, I was astonished that you've come over all PC. I would have expected a snort of derision over the ridiculous remark that this had 'ruined Garcia's finest moment'.

    April 11 at 16:07pm
  • iwalmsley

    Who's he 'under fire' from for making a statement of fact ? I suspect it's you lot playing the tabloid 'storm', 'slammed', 'blasted' game ; ie manufacturing 'controversy' over nothing, and/or reporting the ludicrous opinions of a tiny minority of perpetually offended politically corrects. Anyway she WAS wearing the shortest skirt in the place & getting the attention she obviously craves, so I doubt she would be offended by such an inoccuous comment, or that Garcia would have retired sulking to his hotel room over it instead of celebrating. Your 'reporting' is pathetic & your anti-Alliss agenda quite transparent.

    April 11 at 22:14pm
  • Anonymous

    Mr Dean, you say, "We're not 100% sure who the 'some claiming' were".
    That suggests you know almost all of the claimants.
    So, name these people to validate your criticism of Peter.
    Or stop craving attention like Angela.
    Hmm, you could always wear a shorter skirt than her.

    April 12 at 11:32am
  • kenedy

    I really like what you have shared here....


    April 13 at 08:29am