Oct 21st, 2016

Pablo gives his putter a talking to. Literally!

It didn't work.

Pablo gives his putter a talking to. Literally!

Pablo Larrazabal had a Happy Gilmore moment with his putter at the Portuguese Masters. After shooting a first round 71, where according to Twitter, he had hit the ball the best he had all season.


He then switched up his social media and took to Instagram to give his Odyssey Works V-Line Versa (now that's a mouthful) a serious talking to. 


Everyone who has ever played this daft game has at some point felt like this. I know I have. And often a putter change is as good as a rest. Well hopefully that's the case for Pablo, as he followed up his 71 with a 69, and as we write this is looking likely to miss the cut. 

For all his harsh words, it looks like the putter may have had a stay of execution...


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