Jul 23rd, 2017

Norman gives Tiger some sage advice

But will he take it?

Norman gives Tiger some sage adviceTwo time Open Champion Greg Norman believes that Tiger Woods should give golf a miss for a while and focus on sorting his life out. 

A sympathetic Norman told the BBC that: “The struggles of life are greater than the the struggles on the golf course.” The Australian continued to say that: “I would really like to see him just sort his life out, forget the golf for now. He’s never going to replicate what he has done in the past but you’ve got to be able to get your life sorted out.”

Norman gives Tiger some sage adviceNorman also spoke about Tiger’s need to get his priorities right suggesting that until he does it will impact him on the course. He continued to say: “I don’t think he can get golf right until he gets his life right.”


Norman gives Tiger some sage adviceWith Tiger Wood’s recent arrest for driving under the influence of a variety of medications back in May there has been a level of concern. He told officers that he had a reaction to several prescription drugs, including Vicodin and Xanax. 

Woods recently put himself into rehab in an attempt to help himself but also to maintain shared custody of his children. 

We can only hope that Tiger is listening to Norman’s wise words of advice. 

Norman gives Tiger some sage advice

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