Feb 24th, 2018

Man sinks 120 foot putt to win $100,000 in prizes

Watch his amazing winning putt here

The Minnesota Golf Show at the Minneapolis Convention Center has held a $100,000 putting contest for 28 years, and last Sunday, Paul Shadle, a 49-year-old pilot from Rosemount, Minnesota, became the first person ever to sink the putt, winning a boat valued at $75,000 and $25,000 cash in the process.

Shadle, a self-proclaimed "weekend golfer," made separate 100-foot and 50-foot putts to qualify for an attempt at the $100K grand prize, which required him to sink a final 120 foot putt.

"Closed my eyes and hoped for the best," Shadle said of his attempts, but you can’t argue with the results……



Amazing long putt - skill or luck? You decide 

Man sinks 120 foot putt to win $100,000 in prizes

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