Jul 7th, 2017

Lynx boss slams Mark Crossfield

For sexist Twitter poll

Lynx boss slams Mark Crossfield Mark Crossfield asked his Twitter followers to name the 'biggest issues that cause slow play', listing ‘women’, 'rude golfers', a 'busy course', and 'seniors' as the four options. But Lynx boss Stephanie Zinser was having none of this, and Tweeted this back:

Lynx boss slams Mark Crossfield Here's Crossfield's original Tweet, which kicked off the row:

Lynx boss slams Mark Crossfield

Crossfield said he did not subscribe to the view that female golfers cause slow play, and said he was just trying to gauge people's thoughts on the issue. Again Stephanie was having none of this and accused him of allowing sexist comments on his page, adding: 'This crap needs to stop.'

13 per cent of the 4,000 who voted blamed women as the primary cause of slow play, which just goes to show how many dinosaurs there are still out there!  

'You can't just put up something like that because other people have said it,' said Stephanie.

'Just because some people say that slow play is down to women, it doesn't make it right to make it a discussion in a poll like that. There isn't a place for this discussion. I don't think it's viable or appropriate. I didn't think it was a joke. We saw it and thought, 'sorry, what?''

Rather than apologise for the upset caused, Crossfield instead chose to 'tweet trawl' for comments about the poll that supported him.

Stephanie added: 'Other women I know who commented on the poll too have been upset, and have been in tears about comments. We just kept being told that we had 'missed the point', and he just kept saying to wait for the vlog. It's as if he's saying "if you don't like what I'm saying then I'm going to attack you".

'I feel very strongly about people treating people in that way, not just women on the golf course,' said Stephanie.

Crossfield states in the video that he himself thinks it is an 'unbelievable statement' to say that women are a cause of slow play.

But Stephanie claims that Crossfield should have stated this at that time of his poll, and said it 'doesn't matter' if the explanation follows the post.

Stephanie added: 'It doesn't matter if he justified it afterwards. His poll didn't say anything about the opinions not being his. He should have said, "Some people have said to me". But it doesn't make it viable just because someone else said it. He just allowed sexist comments on his page.'


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Lynx boss slams Mark Crossfield



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  • Thevon

    When a poll is held it is to find what other people think. It is NOT giving your own position whether this is stated or not. The fact that a small percentage of the respondents women was unfortunate. To make an issue of it, as Ms Zinser did, is simply sexist. I have played with women (and men)who are very fast players but I have also been caught behind others who are incredibly slow.
    Slow play amongst amateurs is a direct result of two fixable factors.
    Firstly, the handicap system that allows people to have 45 extra shots in a round (about 30 minutes of extra time) AND courses being set up with thick rough so that poorer players spend extra time searching for balls if they miss the fairway.
    These two factors alone add around an hour to the average round.

    July 11 at 07:23am