May 16th, 2018

Lucas Glover's wife arrested after violence at home

That's what you get for missing the cut...

Blimey, that's all you need after you've missed the cut – your wife screaming at you and calling you a 'loser' and a 'p*^%@'. 

According to Lucas Glover, three times PGA Tour winner, this is the reality every time he messes up on the golf course. And on Saturday night things got out of hand when Krista Glover was arrested by the St Johns County Sheriff's Department and charged with domestic violence and resisting arrest.

Lucas Glover's wife arrested after violence at home

Krista Glover

Mrs Glover was arrested at a Ponte Vedra, Fla., rental house where the couple were staying during the Players Championship. Glover, the 2009 U.S. Open champion, got away with a halfway pounding by making the cut, but all hell was let loose when he missed Saturday's secondary cut after shooting six-over 78.

According to statements given to deputies at the scene, a 911 call was made at 8.30 p.m. reporting a disturbance. When police arrived, they found Mr and Mrs Glover on the porch "in a verbal altercation." Lucas told police his wife had been drinking.

Lucas informed authorities that "every time he plays poorly in a tournament, Krista begins yelling at him, stating he is a 'loser' and a 'p----'". Deputies noted lacerations on the arms of both Lucas and his mother, Hershey Glover, who also had blood on her clothes. Krista Glover had no visible injuries.

Lucas Glover's wife arrested after violence at home

Looks like Lucas made the cut this time...

Hershey said in her statement to police that she tried to stop an "altercation" between the couple at which point Krista began "striking Hershey in her arm."

It didn't end there, either as Krista attempted to escape as she was escorted to the police car, "screaming while forcefully kicking the rear driver's side door" and causing damage to the car, according to the report. She could face up to one year in jail on each misdemeanor count.

Glover released a statement on Twitter Tuesday:



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Lucas Glover's wife arrested after violence at home

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