Jul 20th, 2016

Lee Westwood on the state of the game

Westy gets to the bottom of everything

Lee Westwood is talking sense here. Looking like a bonafide gangster of golf, Westwood explains exactly why and what he feels golf need to do to get more people playing the game we love. 

Watched by over 175,000 people aleady, the video has had nearly 300 comments. We've picked the best of them below. 

Golf Par Excellence Some informed comment there Lee - golf certainly needs to be quicker, 3 hours for 18 holes is plenty. Clubs should keep pushing Tees forward until players can manage 10 minutes per hole: if they want longer (macho?) courses - walk faster!!!

Colin Pate Young kids at school need to be introduced. Many clubs juniors can't join till age 9. By 9 they may have interests in other sports that are pushing to get kids from age 4 or 5.

Maurice ORiordan Well said Lee, agree with almost everything you said. Except making the hole larger, there is something very satisfying about, playing a tough track, and bringing in a score.. 
Sure if it was easy, we would all be pro's

Susan Gillard More Nine hole courses, so important the short game.
Play with half set of clubs or less. 
This is a lovely game for young people it teaches them so much. xXx

Mechanic Vermin There needs to be more cheap 9 hole courses, that don't have super long holes, say par 3's and 4's, it needs to have a driving range and needs to do club hire that way young people or people who can't just afford to splash £500 on a set of clubs before they know whether they like the game or not can actually play it and see if they like it

Pete Glenister There is a course in piddly near Huntingdon that has 6 holes, wide fairways, with par 5,4,and 3's with 6in holes, its easy for beginners but still challenging for the better player, a mere £5 a round or 12 holes for £9

John Edward Taylor It also needs to be made cheaper for lessons. A lot of people when they have a problem with their game as happens from time to time will not go to the pro because it is too expensive.

Gary Bacon I agree Lee particularly around the 19th century attitude by clubs towards players. Must wear white socks with shorts, shirts must be tucked in etc..... I work with teenagers and it's hard enough to get them to take thier caps off in class lol. By the way, there is a 2 hour format of the game. It's called playing 9 holes lol!

Royston Douglas Well said lee lad, our junior team has 5 members , not good enough,some comps have 2 turning up

Paul Hulme Drop the daft dress codes, the kids who are playing the best golf come from country's where dress codes don't apply to the youngsters. Korea, Scandinavia etc. let em on for free. Get the pro to cut down the hundreds of old clubs members have and let em play. Put a temp/junior green half way down most fairways, kids can easily reach in two. Play a game within a game. With a parent or older player.. #gamewithinagame FUN

Not everyone agrees with him though

Scott Connor Bloody hell that's depressing. Anything good or positive about the sport to attract people? Lee's one of my idols but that was not a good representation.

Christopher Peterson Completely disagree - the game is perfect - if people want to go cycling, fine. Too many clubs, not enough golfers to fill them, agree- some need to close. The number of participants doesnt indicate the quality of the activity.

Paul Seaman Not sure I agree with all of these comments. You can play golf in most parts of the UK for less than £20. Of course the top clubs will charge more but how's this any different to going to watch Man Utd etc.? Shorter format is my key improvement and this needs to be looked at to encourage more to play.

Kieren Barratt Of course he would say the hole needs to be bigger, he has the yips 

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  • Golfdeals

    Great comments Lee. We have spent the last few years trying to make golf more affordable to the masses. We run deals for courses all across the UK as well as standard 2 for 1 options for everyone. Totally Agree that time is an issue and that clubs can work on ways to make golf quicker. The more people we can get using us the more courses we can get on board making golf a better value sport for everyone. Plans down the line are to do some junior & ladies bespoke offers as well to drive more of both of these categories into the game. Like you I have been in this industry for over 25 years and started on a municipal course as a young lad, the game needs a boost and we are happy to assist this is anyway we can.

    July 20 at 19:36pm