Aug 27th, 2015

Leaders' Drives: Obama gets hustled

Basketball player takes Prez to the cleaners

How to hustle the leader of the free world: 8 Simple Steps

Leaders' Drives: Obama gets hustled

Have Derek Jetter destroyed... do as I say!


How to hustle the President at golf:


1) Be a famous person who Obama might have heard of.

Check: Derek Jeter plays baseball for the New York Yankees.


2) Make sure you play at the same kind of swanky establishments that the Prez frequents.

Check: Shadow Creek Golf Course in Las Vegas


3) Chop it like a mentalist on the range when the Prez is in the bay next to you.

Check: When Obama arrived on the range... "I knew Derek, but I hadn’t played golf with him before," said Obama. "As I got up to the practice range, he was shanking balls everywhere. I said, 'well, do you play golf, Derek?' He said, 'I just started two weeks ago.'" 


4) Actually be quite good at golf.

Check:  In March, Jeter thrashed the likes of Michael Jordan, Russell Wilson and Ray Allen to finish second at his own golf tournament.  


5) Accept invitation to play 18 holes with the world's most powerful man and pologise peerfusely for being a complete beginner + say you hope you don't slow the President up too much on the course.

Check: Plus accept President Obama's charitable offer of a 30 handicap to 'Keep the Prez honest and Make things interesting'.


6) Politely accept bets but seem slightly confused about the concept.

Check: Qauntity unknown.

7) Smoke your first tee shot straight down the middle and watch Prez's expression turn from quiet confidence to sick realisation that he's been hustled.

Check: Then have picture taken at end of round with Prez handing over cash.


8) Make sure that the President you're hustling has a sense of humour.

Check: "Derek Jeter stole money from me," said Obama to laughter at a recent fundraising event for the Nevada Democratic Party. “And it was clearly a set-up.

"And then on the first tee suddenly the ball just went straight and down the middle of the fairway. We had to take a picture of me handing Derek Jeter money at the end of it." 

Leaders' Drives: Obama gets hustled"And then he says 'How about we give you 30 shots?!"

Leaders' Drives: Obama gets hustledNo one tell GolfPunk about this, right?

Leaders' Drives: Obama gets hustledGolfPunk want to know if you fancy a skins game. They say they're not very good though...

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  • skandia6

    Just brilliant.

    August 27 at 15:10pm
  • GolfpunkAdmin

    August 28 at 01:30am
  • GolfpunkAdmin

    Keeps him out of trouble I guess.

    August 28 at 01:32am