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Ok, Got it!

Feb 14th, 2016

Keith Pelley is Brains from Thunderbirds!!!

European Tour Chief & puppet never seen in same room...

Now, we're not really ones for conspiracy theories but is it any coincidence that Thunderbirds came back on the TV in the very same month that Keith Pelley was named European Tour CEO? As we've never seen them in the same room together at the same time, it is only prudent to deduct that they are one and the same person. The likeness is chilling to say the least.

Keith Pelley is Brains from Thunderbirds!!!



6 Critical Factors that prove Keith Pelley is, in fact, Brains from Thunderbirds.

1) Brains was born on 14 November 2040 in Michigan, USA. He was orphaned at the age of 12 when his family was killed in a hurricane. He was eventually adopted by a professor at the University Of Cambridge and later discovered by Jeff Tracy founder of International Rescue, while he was lecturing in Paris.

Pelley was born in 1964. This is all we know. There is no reference to a birth place on Keith's Wikipedia page, or anywhere else on the interweb. Given the fact that Brains isn't due to be born for another 34 years, this further adds fuel to the fire. Could it be that International Rescue has sent Brains down to earth, in Keith Pelley form, in order to help the European Tour solve previously unfathomable issues such as 'slow play' and 'shorts'?


2) Brains is a highly-intelligent mechanical and aerospace engineer who is considered to be 50 years ahead of his time. 34? 50? It's not a big difference in the scheme of things. Brains is also the world's greatest aircraft designer.

Pelley grew up in Toronto, Ontario, where he developed his Brains-like accent. In a bid to throw us off the scent, Pelley played as a running back in the Etobicoke Minor Football League. Physical exercise was not one of Brains's many attributes. After graduating, Pelley worked full-time for TSN and eventually became the president of the company. No other details exist about how Pelley achieved this status so it is reasonable to think that he was somehow fast-tracked through the system in order to facilitate taking up his higher calling, CEO of The European Tour. 

Keith Pelley is Brains from Thunderbirds!!!Artist's impression of how Brains might look if he were genetically fused with Keith Pelley

3) Brains has been consulted on various issues of international importance, sometimes working outside of International Rescue with Presidents and other world leaders on secret projects.

Pelley has done lots of similar stuff, like being president of Canada’s Olympic broadcast media consortium for the 2010 Winter Olympics. On 25 February 2014 he negotiated a $5.232 billion contract with the National Hockey League. Another red herring to put us off the scent this as Brains prefers playing ice hockey but only on his computer.


4) Brains is a highly valued if somewhat absent-minded and socially maladroit member of IR. 

Pelley can sometimes be absent minded also. Evidence his forgetting to invite GolfPunk to dinner when he was appointed CEO of The European Tour.


5) Brains is also known to invent in his spare time; he once built a chess-playing robot called Braman.

Keith Pelley likes chess. We assume...


6) Creator Gerry Anderson describes Brains as  "a young man pre-occupied and confident with his work and experiments, yet socially unsure of himself".

Keith Pelley has blue glasses like Brains.



We rest our case...


Keith Pelley is Brains from Thunderbirds!!!

Here's a video of Brains, sorry Keith, at work. 

Meet the other Thunderbirds, who are working for the good of local charities with the Waste Management Phoenix Open.

Keith Pelley is Brains from Thunderbirds!!!

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